Why Attitude Coffee?


Attitude Coffee, a brand of Craft Roasting Company, was founded in 2015 by Rick and Julie Bush in Clarence, NY. We believe that coffee is a fundamentally a social and emotional experience. Attitude Coffee’s mission is to share the wonder of coffee and bring a boost to everyone’s day. If we don’t leave you feeling better for having had our coffee, having collaborated with us, or having worked with us, then we are not doing our job!

Every aspect of our business is crafted around the belief that the coffee experience should make us all better versions of ourselves. You’ll see that in the care we take in roasting our coffee, in the time we take slowly brewing our cold brew, and in the uplifting relationships we make with our customers, collaborators, vendors and suppliers.
We also believe that while coffee is great all on its own, it’s even better when it’s part of something bigger. We strive to share our Attitude through unique collaborations with other artisans, musicians, entertainers, artists, and retailers.

We know you want to be part of it. You belong!