The Queen’s Beans by Tracie Austin

The Tracie Austin Show

We have partnered with international talk show host Tracie Austin to create a roast that is an American premium blend with a proper British twist! Brew and enjoy!

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About Tracie

Award-winning TV Host of episodic talk show, Radio Host, Reporter and published author of three titles. Having studied at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, Tracie began her on camera career in England 1998 with a series of Educational and Governmental videos. She began her broadcasting career in the USA from 2002 onwards with her cable TV show which has won three Telly Awards for it’s excellence! The show was broadcast in California, New York, Arizona and Iowa. She is also a freelance reporter, and has written various articles for both British and American magazines, particularly on subjects of the highly strange but true! Tracie has been radio host for Woman’s Radio Network and is currently host for KGRA radio and The Tracie Austin Show – broadcasting live virtual shows weekly.

Tracie has appeared as guest on numerous radio and television shows – Unified Field Radio, Mysteries Magazine Radio, TIWB Radio, Third Phase of Moon, KXNT, Myth or Reality, Granada Forum Radio, Behind The Obsidian Curtain with Carole Carle KGRA, Light Worker TV show, Paranormal Radio Network, Beyond Belief TV show with George Noory, 77WABC – The Frank Morano Show, Mystery Wire with George Knapp, Coast to Coast with George Knapp

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The Queen's Beans

The Tracie Austin Show


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