Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Roasted May, 2016 There’s a reason why Ethiopian Yirgacheffe consistently ranks among the best coffee in the world, and certainly the among the best in Ethiopia itself. Yirgacheffe is a micro-region south of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. It is widely considered the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe has a light to medium body and has […]

Nuevo Paraiso, Santa Cruz, Mexico

Roasted September 22, 2015 To many people, Eduardo Enrique López Aguilar, producer and owner of Finca Santa Cruz, produces one of finest coffees in the world. His family has received numerous awards including runner up in the recent Cup of Excellence competition. Finca Santa Cruz was also named by the Mexican Association of Coffee Production Chain (AMECAFE) Vintage 2010 […]

Indonesia Sumatra Grade1 Mandheling

Roasted September 6, 2015 This delicious coffee comes from the lofty volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser near the port of Padang in the Balak region of west-central Sumatra. It has strong cedar notes, balanced, with notes of sweet tobacco and wine, spice and chocolate.

Costa Rica SHB EP

Roasted July 5, 2015 This delicious coffee comes from the mountain slopes of Costa Rica. It has a beautiful and lively aroma of vanilla and nutty characteristics, flavorful fruit and chocolate notes with a balanced body and a clean aftertaste. Costa Rica was the first Central American Country to grow coffee on a commercial basis. Cuba introduced Costa […]

Coffee House Blend

Roasted June 28, 2015 The Coffee House Blend for this roast is a blend of beans from Mexico Chiapas and Brazil Sul de Minas. Chiapas is a southern Mexican state bordering Guatemala. More info about Chiapas. Sul de Minas is in the Southern part of Minas Gerais, one of the largest growing regions of coffee […]