Kickboxer Red

Spike our Coffeehouse Blend with some high grade Malabar Robusta, and you get an outstanding rich and creamy cup, with just a bit more caffeine than any of our other blends. Perfect for those nights you know are going to go late!

Daybreak Blend

Our Daybreak Blend is a lightly roasted pairing of aromatic Columbian and sweet Mexican specialty coffees. Bright and crisp, it’s a great way to start your morning. It’s also slightly more caffeinated than our Coffeehouse Blend.

Coffeehouse Blend

Our Coffeehouse Blend is a well balanced blend of Brazilian and Mexican specialty coffees, roasted perfectly to bring out the sweet chocolate notes of the Mexican beans and the fullness of the Brazilian beans. It’s a sturdy cup that loves cream and can start or finish any day with style.