Late Night Out

Certified organic, this single origin coffee from Columbia is rich and bold. You’ll find notes of dark cherry and caramel, and a long chocolate finish.

Sugar and Spice

Created for musicians Jocelyn & Chris, this dark, rich 5 bean coffee experience was inspired by their equally delectable hit new song “Sugar and Spice”

The Queen’s Beans

Created for international talk show host Tracie Austin, this roast is an American premium blend with a proper British twist! Brew and enjoy!

Kickboxer Red

Spike our Coffeehouse Blend with some high grade Malabar Robusta, and you get an outstanding rich and creamy cup, with just a bit more caffeine than any of our other blends.

Dark Side Espresso

This fabulous 5 bean espresso is packed with the tastes of cocoa and hazelnut, with a hint of blueberry. It especially shines when married with milk, coming through like hot chocolate spiked with blueberry schnapps and hazelnut liquor.

Daybreak Blend

Our Daybreak Blend is a lightly roasted pairing of aromatic Columbian and sweet Mexican specialty coffees. Bright and crisp, it’s a great way to start your morning. It’s also slightly more caffeinated than our Coffeehouse Blend.

Coffeehouse Blend

Our Coffeehouse Blend is a well balanced blend of Brazilian and Mexican specialty coffees, roasted perfectly to bring out the sweet chocolate notes of the Mexican beans and the fullness of the Brazilian beans.